The voluntary organization Gambia Care collects money for charity purposes in Gambia. Charity purposes means for example to build schools or help out with maintenance and school materials, but also to sponsor children directly to enable them to afford to go to school. In addition to this Gambia Care has started a project, Mama F´s Home where the cost, of eight children that cannot live with their families, is taken. This undertaking is planned to grow in the future. In addition to this the organization may start new projects that will help people directly, either by money or materials that can help them into a better life. Gambia Care may employ and pay local Gambians to run projects if the organization find it necessary.

Gambia Care has a sponsor system where private persons of companies pays for the kids that live at Mama F´s Home, which the organization has taken responsibility for. Every child has two sponsors each. Some sponsors are house sponsors, which means a sponsor not connected to a specific child. The house sponsors helps out with the household, such as the electricity bill, water, extra medicines, transport to school, salaries and so on. There will be cases where sponsors support a children that live with their families that cannot afford school money. In addition to this, Gambia Care will collect money for other projects using private contacts, social medias such as Facebook etc, publicity around some projects in the media, lectures and representation on suitable arenas. The money is paid/transferred to Gambia Cares bank account in Norway.

If you want to be a sponsor and help a child go to school, please get in touch.

All the collected money will in its entirety go to these projects in Gambia. All expenses that members or supporters in Gambia Care have with travels and accommodation in Gambia shall be paid by the person him or her self.

Gambia Care was registered in the Norwegian Organization Registry (Brønnøysundregisterene) the 24th of October 2013.

NorGam was registered in Gambia 4th of February 2015


903929 201124343404401 1798368798 oThe Board in Norway

Merete G. Tvenning, Asker - styreleder
Lisbeth Frantzen, Mosjøen - medlem
Elin Westrum Hilling, Sylling - medlem
Camilla Ringstad, Asker - medlem
Kristine Lie, Spikkestad - medlem


The Board in Gambia

Merete G. Tvenning - Manager
Elin Westrum Hilling - Supervisor one
Lisbeth Frantzen - Supervisor two
Lamin Jawara - Secretary General
Pa Ansu Bojang - Treasurer
Camilla Ringstad - Special Adviser



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