We have and have had several small projects:

- Sponsorship of school fees for kids that live at home with their parents.

- Gifts of clothes, rice and oil to extremely poor families, mostly living in the countryside.

- Helping rebuild houses that has fallen apart.

- Helping out with materials that can provide people with a job. Some only needs a little help with equipment or tools to continue with their trade.

We use every opportunity to work against female circumcision!

We knew four ladies that were eager to work between 20 and 44 years in age. The ladies; Mariama, Kumba, Ramatha and Ida wanted to make a living that could support them and their families. We started the planning of a restaurant called “4 Sister´s Kitchen in Bakau in November 2013. We got a lease for a plot, and started building the restaurant. The restaurant opened in January 2014. The ladies have now run the restaurant for over two years. They are doing all the work themselves, and share the profits between themselves. The goal is that the ladies will learn how to do business, and then open a second restaurant in another area.


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In November 2012 we started to renovate Mr. Jattas nursery school in Tallinding, a poor suburb to Serrekunda. The school, with one classroom and one toilet building, was closed down by the authorities due to the poor conditions, namely that there was no fence between the school and the neighbours, no roof on the toilet and generally the poor condition of the school building.

The winter 2012 / 2013 we renovated the whole school. It looked maintained and well kept and it had also water tap and electricity and it was approved of the authorities.

The winter 2015 we built an extra classroom and an office.

The big concern now is school materials and fees for the teachers. The school has no support from the government and it has to manage on its on. The kids, those who can afford it, pays 100 Dalasis (2 EUR) each month in school fees. With these money the school has to buy school materials, pay the water bills, the electricity and salary for the teachers. Anyone can understand that this is not enough, and the result of this is that the teachers only gets 600 Dalasis salary each months – and that is approximately 3000 Dalasis to little.

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The autumn 2013 Gambia Care visited Mr. Jattas second school. This school was closed the autumn 2012, the same time the decision from the authorities came to close school no 1. We wanted to start to upgrade this school too, but the school was in very bad condition, and needed a massive upgrade to become operational, which would have required a lot of money we did not have at the time.

The autumn 2015 Mr. Jatta had moved his kitchen from the schoolyard, he had made new drawings of the schoolyard and his own garden and he had found where to build the new fence and how much it will cost.

In February 2016 we had collected the money and we started to build the fence. In March 2016 Gambia Care got money from Balcktower Nordic to bee used for a total renovation of the school building and the toilets. This work will start in April 2016

Mama F´s Home was started the autumn 2013. It began with four children at Fatou (F) and her sister’s apartment. In the spring 2015 we moved the orphanage to a house in Kololi and we have now eight kids.

F has the daily care for the kids. We have hired in to ladies and one man to help F with the kids, the household and in the garden.

The children are from 2 – 11 years old, they are living at the orphanage and they are going at a good school. They got a proper daily care with food,  clothes, medicine and what they need at the orphanage, but they will live as Gambians and know where they come from. They will have contact with their biologic family and they will visit them in school holydays. What we want to achieve is for the kids to go to a good school, get an education and to have a proper job.


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