Mama F´s Home was started the autumn 2013. It began with four children at Fatou (F) and her sister’s apartment. In the spring 2015 we moved the orphanage to a house in Kololi and we have now eight kids.

F has the daily care for the kids. We have hired in to ladies and one man to help F with the kids, the household and in the garden.

The children are from 2 – 11 years old, they are living at the orphanage and they are going at a good school. They got a proper daily care with food,  clothes, medicine and what they need at the orphanage, but they will live as Gambians and know where they come from. They will have contact with their biologic family and they will visit them in school holydays. What we want to achieve is for the kids to go to a good school, get an education and to have a proper job.


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