In November 2012 we started to renovate Mr. Jattas nursery school in Tallinding, a poor suburb to Serrekunda. The school, with one classroom and one toilet building, was closed down by the authorities due to the poor conditions, namely that there was no fence between the school and the neighbours, no roof on the toilet and generally the poor condition of the school building.

The winter 2012 / 2013 we renovated the whole school. It looked maintained and well kept and it had also water tap and electricity and it was approved of the authorities.

The winter 2015 we built an extra classroom and an office.

The big concern now is school materials and fees for the teachers. The school has no support from the government and it has to manage on its on. The kids, those who can afford it, pays 100 Dalasis (2 EUR) each month in school fees. With these money the school has to buy school materials, pay the water bills, the electricity and salary for the teachers. Anyone can understand that this is not enough, and the result of this is that the teachers only gets 600 Dalasis salary each months – and that is approximately 3000 Dalasis to little.

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