The autumn 2013 Gambia Care visited Mr. Jattas second school. This school was closed the autumn 2012, the same time the decision from the authorities came to close school no 1. We wanted to start to upgrade this school too, but the school was in very bad condition, and needed a massive upgrade to become operational, which would have required a lot of money we did not have at the time.

The autumn 2015 Mr. Jatta had moved his kitchen from the schoolyard, he had made new drawings of the schoolyard and his own garden and he had found where to build the new fence and how much it will cost.

In February 2016 we had collected the money and we started to build the fence. In March 2016 Gambia Care got money from Balcktower Nordic to bee used for a total renovation of the school building and the toilets. This work will start in April 2016

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